Hobbledown’s animals are all very special, so why not read on and meet just a few of them. We have even written their funny Potenesian names for you too!

Animal Description Image
Bactrian Camels


Two humped camel that can grow up to 12ft!
African Pygmy Goat
Bearded goat with excellent climbing skills.
Woolly-haired sheep that loves lazy, grazing days and field racing.  
Rather stubborn long-eared donkey. Enjoys peppermint.  
Emerald-crested peacock with a glorious fan of fancy feathers.  
Giant Flemish Rabbit
Cottontail rabbit. Always in a hurry.  
Feathered bird that struts around pecking at seeds and corn. Sometimes does the funky chicken dance!  
Bennett’s Wallaby
Springy animals all the way from Tasmania that click and chatter to communicate!  
Coatis are members of the raccoon family. They are gentle, easy going and incredibly noisy animals.  
Known as the Hobbledown guards because of the way they always stand to attention!  
Short-clawed Otter
With cat-like whiskers these smooth animals love to swim and hunt for crabs.
Siberian Chipmunk
Chipmunks are soft, fluffy and can store lots of food in their cheeks which helps them when it is very cold.  
Amazon Parrot
A cousin of the gumblegook, this green-feathered parrot has a bright yellow patch on its neck.
Llamas move very gently on their toes and the hobblers think they look like they are dancing!  
Because they sometimes spit and chew their food over and over again (really they do!) the Hobblers take great care looking after these funny looking creatures.  
With their strong hind legs the Mara are members of the rodent family and can move really fast.  
As one of the bird species, it may surprise you that the Rhea cannot fly. Instead, it runs helter skelter across the field as it cannot move in a straight line!  
Shetland Pony
If you look at the wild mop of hair these small and gentle ponies have on their heads, you will see that the name flopsy really does suit them.  
(Mighty Bloo)
Predators such as tigers and lions will hunt Nilgai in the wild. Luckily they are fast and can travel at great speed.  
Squiggly-tailed pig that is very fond of mud and apple.