A Plea From The Animal Team...


Dear Friends,

Even though we are closed, we still need to look after all our animals from Stick Insects to Genghis the Bactrian camel. We are operating with an extremely dedicated set of zookeepers who have to care for all the animals come rain or shine. But with no income from tickets, we are asking if anyone would consider an animal adoption to support the animals while we are closed.

Please can you feed me?
Please can you feed me?

It costs £15 and the money raised will go directly to the costs of the upkeep of the animals. And it will also give you an admission ticket to the park when we re-open.

If you are an Annual Pass holder with Hobbledown, you will be given a Day Pass voucher to give to anyone you choose for free admission for the day.

Here is our Zookeeper Lucy, announcing the scheme while trying to help a mommy goat to feed her kid.

Choose from one of the following animal adoptions:

Adopt a Prairie Dog
Adopt a Camel!
Adopt A Meerkat
Adopt a Bunny!