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January 2019

  1. Appreciate a Dragon Day 2019

    Join us on the 19th and 20th January for International Appreciate a Dragon Day. As Hobbledown has its very own dragon, Rumpletump, in its story book, we celebrate the annual event by allowing guests to take part in dragon themed games, enjoy arts and crafts, and watch Hobbler show time ‘Rumpletump to the Rescue’.

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A sunny day and blue skies provided the perfect backdrop for an exciting Year 2 Summer Term trip to Hobbledown. The focus of the trip was to extend scientific learning about animal groups, in particular, vertebrates and invertebrates. The highlight of the day was the mini-beast workshop where alongside learning new and fascinating facts about the creatures, the children got the chance to construct a giant snail habitat as well as carefully handling a variety of mini-beasts and insects. The children explored the mythical world created at Hobbledown which is based on the book by A C Kecojevic.  Year 2 are reading this tale as a year group to help develop their creative writing skills.

— Claremont Fan Court School

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