Explore our Mysterical Farm

Can’t wait to visit our adventure farm park in Surrey? Just have to find out more about Hobbledown in Epsom? Whether you have been before or not, it’s worth checking over our interactive map that will let you zoom in and out of our mysterical farm park. You can even find out about the very special animals we have on the farm and the fun characters that make Hobbledown so very mysterical.

Explore Hobbledown

Have a look at the interactive map of Hobbledown so you can see exactly what's what before you come in person.


Hobbledown's animals are all very special, so why not read on and meet just a few of them. We have even written their funny Potenesian names for you too!


Meet the Hobblers of Hobbledown who take special care of the animals and sometimes find themselves in the midst of a ‘very great adventure!’

Hobbledown The Book

Hobbledown is a classic tale of adventure, magic and mayhem as the Hobblers set out on their very first mysterical mystery. Huck discovers glime, slides down a tunnel to the strange world of Potenesia and battles with a bunch of pesky, slimy creatures! Enter the delightful, charming and often mysterical world of Hobbledown written by A J Kecojevic and illustrated by Lyn Stone.