Meet the Hobblers of Hobbledown who take special care of the animals and sometimes find themselves in the midst of a ‘very great adventure!’


Huck often finds himself in trouble without even realising it.

His trademark horned-hat and mischievous grin make him a firm Hobbledown favourite and you can read all about his adventures in our very first book, Hobbledown.


Tipp is best friends with Huck and Eliza.  He always carries a telescope which is perfect in case he spots any unwanted visitors – like slimy Skibblers!

He loves to invent weird and wonderful things but he is happiest when he is looking after the Hobbledown animals.


Very sensible and sometimes bossy, this red-haired Hobbler spends a lot of her time singing to the animals and tending the Hobblepatch where she looks after flowers and vegetables.

You can recognize Eliza from the peacock feathers she often wears in her hair.

Professor Topperpot

As Chief Hobbler, the Professor is very old and wise. He is never seen without his famous top hat and crooked wooden stick.

He is always offering the young Hobblers advice on creature care and often shows them how to make animal kites which they have fun with out on the fields.


Full of muddles, riddles and delicious rhymes, this lovable Hobbler is a little peculiar yet bucket loads of fun.

He lives on a Sludgepile full of strange things he finds around Hobbledown and can pop up in the most unexpected places

Some Other Strange Characters…


Having grown up in Hobbledown as a baby rump, Rumpletump grew so000 big that the Hobblers needed to find him a home all of his own.

He now lives in the Copse surrounded by magical crystals that keep him safely and happily tucked away. With dragon-like features he looks more ferocious then he really is.


A British Grig fairy that lives in the Quercus Oak.

Much loved by all the Hobblers, her small wooden tree house is often visited by Huck in search of freshly baked cakes and treats!


From a faraway land, the Skibblers have arrived at Hobbledown intent on causing mischief of the gooiest kind!

Wherever they tread they leave behind a foul smelling trail of ‘Skibbler Glime’. With hooked noses and bulging eyes they really do cause mayhem and trouble at Hobbledown.


Head of the Skibblers, this bandana-wearing Chief makes plenty of noise and trouble for the Hobblers so read the first of the Hobbledown adventures to see what happens!