I'm hungry! Where can we eat?

Our main restaurant is the Hobnosh bar, which is located in the main barn, along with the toilets and playbarn. Turn right out of the entrance to find it!

Our new Hobnosh menu is all about providing fresh, tasty fast food with minimal salt content. Everything is wholesome, delicious and nutritious, and you will find dishes from all across the globe. Our loaded fries are a guest favourite, served with the likes of lightly battered calamari, fish goujons, chicken katsu curry, chorizo, smashed avacado and so much more!


To make your day as easy as possible, please use a mobile device to sign up to our web app before arrival. With our app, you can order food and drink, book timeslots for certain activities, and access the most up-to-date information about the park's facilities throughout the day of your visit.

To access our web app, simply type hobbledown.app into the URL field of your mobile device - or check out this helpful video for further guidance.


Hobnosh Menu

Download a larger version here

A small selection of hot and cold drinks, ice creams and tasty snacks are also available at The Refreshments Cabin by the duck pond, and Merrymaker's Shop by the entrance.


Party Menu

All Hobbledown parties come with a complimentary pizza feast, fit to satisfy even the hungriest of Hobblers!

All feasts include:

Margherita Pizza (VEGETARIAN) – A delicious classic tomato pizza topped with melted cheese. Gluten/soya free pizza bases are available upon request, as well as a dairy-free alternative to the cheese topping.
Tortilla Chips & Dips (VEGAN) – Crunchy toasted tortilla chips, ready for dipping into tasty pots of salsa and houmous.
Fruit Salad Bowls (VEGAN) – An assortment of sliced fruit chunks served in sweet syrup.
Popcorn (VEGAN) – Choose from sweet or sweet & salted popcorn.
Mini-Doughnuts (VEGETARIAN) - A selection of white iced, chocolate iced and strawberry iced doughnuts.

*further dietary and allergen information is listed on the party host waiver, as well as available upon request