• Hobbledown The Book

Hobbledown The Book

Hobbledown also comes alive in a magical children’s book written by the mysterical author Angela Kecojevic and beautifully illustrated by the talented Lyn Stone. Under the creative vision of chief hobblers Nick de Candole and Richard Farley, Hobbledown has combined reality with fantasy to produce this funtastic tale that will be enjoyed by families time and time again.


A World Full of Mysterical Magic and Fun

When Huck steps into a puddle of green glime it can only mean one thing … trouble. Where has Fern disappeared to and what is that strange tapping sound beneath Hobbledown? Join the Hobblers on this stomping great adventure as they battle with Skibblers, visit potty Potenesia and avoid the noggins of one very large resident!

‘I read Hobbledown with my children and we all thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful and wacky world of Hobbledown that AJ Kecojevic has created. The quirky rhyming text, the crazy creatures and the bonkers geography all help to create a modern, yet classic tale. We look forward to more adventures in Hobbledown from this exciting new writer.’

Dan Good – Creator of BBC’s Waybuloo