Author workshops

Riddles, Rhymes and Mysterical Times Author Workshop

Children love to read and write stories and by inviting an author into the classroom they can further their creative development by understanding how a story is created, where the idea has come from and how it can be recreated into a magical world like Hobbledown.

Hobbledown the book is a classic adventure story with riddles and rhymes throughout intended to introduce fun and imaginative formats to its readers.  The ‘Riddles, Rhymes and Mysterical Times’ workshop is suitable for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

Children can learn about the unique world of Hobbledown and have fun creating their own rhymes and riddles either through creative writing or illustration and description.

  • Age Range: Reception ─ Year 6. This is offered for individual year groups up to a maximum of 10 mini workshops.
  • Introduction to the book of Hobbledown and other creative works by the author.
  • Visual fun using glime and crystals to introduce the ‘Crystallite Mine’ at Hobbledown and the use of glime responsible for so much mischief in the book.
  • Discussion of the Potenesian language used by the Hobblers and the creation of Potenesian names for all the animals at Hobbledown.
  • Reading of the opening poem from Hobbledown.
  • Chat with the author. This is a great moment for the children to ask questions about Hobbledown and life as a writer.
  • Workshop created to suit each year group. Key Stage 1 ─ animal poems are provided offering guidance to write or draw creatures they imagine may live at Hobbledown. Key Stage 2 ─ Girls have a worksheet entitled ‘Daydreams and Fairy Things’ whilst boys have ‘Glime and Slippery Goo’.

 If you would like to book Angela Kecojevic to visit your school, please email her at


“Thank you for a lovely day. The girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves and it looked as though they were very keen to read your book. There certainly was a buzz around the school once you had spoken to the girls.” Deanne Goode, English Co-ordinator, Wimbledon High school for Girls