Favourite People

This page is dedicated to the people who have inspired us and to those who have helped build Hobbledown.  It’s our way of saying a big thank you, even if you don’t know you helped us!


When we first met this wonderfully creative and inspirational group of people, we knew we couldn’t rest until we found a project that we could work on together.  Whenever we feel that we are getting good at something, we pay a visit to Jürgen, Doro and their team at Kulturinsel and we soon realise that we are only just mastering the basics of the wonderful world of creativity. Thank you Kulturinsel for being so patient with us…

Vincent Stokes

All major building projects need a great team and Vincent Stokes have delivered our vision and never let us down. We can’t recommend them highly enough and we are really looking forward to working with them on our next mysterical adventure.

What’s on in Epsom

What’s on in Epsom was born around the same time as Hobbledown, and Paul and his team do a great job supporting local businesses and the community.

The Old Moat Garden Centre

Christmas comes alive at Hobbledown and we have to thank our neighbours The Old Moat for providing all of our lovely Christmas trees.

Security 5000 Fencing

Mike, Gordon, thank you for all your hardwork. Life is too short not to enjoy your work and we have really enjoyed working with you.

Big Act Theatre School

As well as providing us with some great members for our entertainment team, The Big Act Theatre School performs for us at our Christmas Lights Switch-on.

Wilderness Wood

We stumbled upon this curious place by chance and we were amazed by the many wonderful and creative things available for families to do. Anyone who offers magic wand making and fire building as options on a school trip is high up on our list.


We love our right arms but if this location was for sale we would happily give them up in order to own this mystical setting. Such a unique location needs to be seen to be believed.

The Forbidden Corner

Not the mostly widely-known but certainly the most creative and unusual. Love, love, love it! There were so many ideas we liked, that we went back 4 times…