What's on this Hobble'ween... 26th October - 1st November

Fire Performers!

These exciting flaming artists will be spinning fire to music and dance three times a day from 26th to 1st November. 

Taking place at Field of Confusion, show times are:

11.45am - 12pm

1.15pm - 1.30pm

3.15pm - 3.30pm

Don't miss out! 

The Autumn Fairy and her Giant Bubble Wand

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble...

What magical spells will the Autumn Fairy conjure up with her giant Bubble wand? Don't get too close or you may forever be trapped in a magic bubble!
Please note, magic bubbles cannot be used as a tool to increase your support bubble. Please do not mix your bubbles!

Show times, daily from 26th October - 1st November

1.30pm - 2pm

Enchanted Storytelling with the Autumn Fairy

Can you defeat the dragon and rescue the gold? Many adventurers have tried. Hear their tales and watch the excellent dragon puppeteers re-enact the drama.

Show times:

12.30pm - 1pm

2.30pm - 3pm

Trick or Treat at the Willow Maze

Find your way to the centre of the maze, avoid the Skibblers and claim your treat!

Or is it a trick..?

Daily at the following times:

9.45am -10.45am

2.30pm - 4pm

Bug Brunch!

Yum yum! Dried cricket anyone? Fried mealworms?

Have you got the stomach for it?

Try it out at the Teepee:

11.30am - 12.30pm


Hobbledown - the book

Hobbledown comes alive in a magical children’s book written by Angela Kecojevic and beautifully illustrated by the talented Lyn Stone. Under the creative vision of chief hobblers Nick de Candole and Richard Farley, Hobbledown combined reality with fantasy to produce this funtastic tale to be enjoyed by families time and time again.

When Huck steps into a puddle of green glime it can only mean one thing … trouble. Where has Fern disappeared to and what is that strange tapping sound beneath Hobbledown? Join the Hobblers on this stomping great adventure as they battle with Skibblers, visit potty Potenesia and avoid the noggins of one very large resident!

‘I read Hobbledown with my children and we all thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful and wacky world of Hobbledown that AJ Kecojevic has created. The quirky rhyming text, the crazy creatures and the bonkers geography all help to create a modern, yet classic tale. We look forward to more adventures in Hobbledown from this exciting new writer.’

Dan Good – Creator of BBC’s Waybuloo

Don't miss our latest publication - aimed at younger readers - The Fairy Dilemma.

Both books can be purchased from the Hobbledown shop or at online at Amazon.co.uk

Read what some happy customers have to say

We had the Zookeeper for the day experience for our 8 year old nephew and he absolutely loved it from start to finish! I won’t give away too much about which animals you get to meet as keeping some of it as a surprise was part of the fun of the day however they were all truly brilliant – If you decide to do it you will not be disappointed. The Hobbledown zookeepers were AMAZING (we had Gavin, Miles & Jamie) – they really knew their stuff, were incredibly accommodating and so kind to my nephew. We learnt so much and had fun whilst doing it. It truly was an amazing day – thank you Hobblers!

— LuckyDuckTombola

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