Freefall Bag Jumps



Are you ready to take the ultimate leap of faith?

Free jump from platforms of varying heights onto giant inflatable bags. Definitely not for the faint-hearted - this is a free fall with no harness, gear or safety nets needed! Who's feeling brave..?


Children under the age of 15 must be supervised by an adult. This adult does not need their own ticket, unless they also wish to participate.



Minimum height 1.4m


Please make sure you have read the rules and dress code beforehand!


Prices from £5.99(as an add-on to your day ticket)

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(If available on your timeslot of choice, you will be given the option to add Bag Jumps as an additional extra when booking your admission tickets)



What you need to know...


  • *SUPERVISING ADULTS: Children under the age of 15 require an adult to supervise them whilst on the activity. 1 adult can supervise up to 12 children on the Bag Jumps. This supervising adult does not require a ticket unless they also wish to participate.
  • Minimum height 1.4m
  • Maximum weight 120kg
  • Duration: around 20mins
  • All guests must attend the safety briefing for their activity, and follow Team Members' instructions at all times for their own safety.
  • Gripped activities are not suitable for non-ambulant guests. All guests must be able to walk unaided in order the experience the park. Otherwise, disabled guests must have a minimum of 1 helper and a maximum of 3 helpers with them.


The dress code


  • SHOES: Comfortable, moveable clothing, and closed-toe shoes - secure trainers with a good grip are highly recommended. No sliders, sandals or high heels, please!
  • CLOTHING: No skirts allowed: shorts or trousers only. T-shirts are acceptable.
  • HAIR: Long hair must be tied up and secured.
  • OTHER BELONGINGS: No loose items are allowed on any activity – strap it all in. Phones and other valuables should not be taken on the tower with you.



Adrenaline-pumping zip slide and jumping!