Upgrade your Membership to include entry to both Hobbledowns!

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Are you an Anytime Member here at Hobbledown Heath?

You can upgrade your membership to include entry to our original site Hobbledown site in Epsom for just £20!

What you need to know...


  • You can buy this upgrade here on the website. After purchasing, you will receive a confirmation email. Present this when you arrive at Hobbledown, and the team member will then check your Membership is still valid before booking you in. There is no need to pre-book.
  • Each individual on your membership must purchase this upgrade to be eligible for free entry at the Epsom Hobbledown.
  • The upgrade allows you free entry into Hobbledown only - it excludes the usual additional benefits for full Epsom passholders (eg. on-site discounts)
  • The upgrade is valid for the remaining duration of your current, existing Anytime Pass. It is a flat fee of £20 per member, and will not be calculated pro-rata based on how many months remain on your Membership.


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