1. What to wear?

Wear your best playwear; we recommend long sleeve tops, trousers, and trainers/full shoes along with sun cream, wellies and raincoats in line with Mother nature’s preference of the day.

2. Where to go?

When you arrive at Hobbledown please go to the “Parties and Groups” waiting area and a Party Hobbler will meet you there.

3. How long can we stay?

There is currently a maximum stay of 4 hours. Parties that are due to start at or before 11.15am will have two hours of unaccompanied access to Hobbledown after their Party has taken place. 
Parties starting after 11.15am will be entitled to two hours of unaccompanied access before the Party takes place.

4. What can we expect from the Party?

Your party will be 2 hours of fun made up of:
Your chosen themed Party Activity
Birthday party feast and birthday cake time
A party host to help with the feast
Plus…2 hours unaccompanied access to the Park (either before or after your Party and this will be indicated by the Hobbledown team)

5. Who can attend on the day?

1 adult can attend on the day for free with one fully paid guest.
The birthday child can have 2 free adults attending.

6. What if I want to bring someone extra along?

Any extra friends can enjoy half price admission on the day, this is for extra siblings, children and adults.

7. What about Party Extras?

If the host would like to book any party extras, these can be added at the time of booking or any time up to 2 weeks prior to the party date. 

8. Dietary Requirements?

Each guest and the host will receive a link to enable attendees to declare any dietary requirement before the party day. Please complete this no later than 7 days prior to the party so that our Hobnosh team can prepare your feast.

9. Can we bring our own food?

Yes – picnics are encouraged for outdoor consumption; play barn areas and indoor party rooms are dedicated to Hobnosh food only.

10 Are Candles allowed for the Birthday Cake?

Bring your own candles or buy them from our Merry Makers Shop. Sparklers are not allowed as they set off our fire alarm system!

11. How many adults do we need per child?

1 adult for every 5 children or less

12. Are my belongings protected whilst at Hobbledown?

We cannot accept responsibility for loss of damage to persons, vehicles or belongings whilst on site. Please remain vigilant with personal belongings.

13. What are the rules?

All visitors to Hobbledown are subject to our rules of play, which can be found here. Please read them prior to attending. For emphasis, the party booker is responsible for the supervision of all the children within your group at all times whilst at Hobbledown. 

14. How do I collect my guest from the party at the end?

Unless otherwise informed the parents of the birthday child will bring your children to the “Parties and Groups” waiting area at the end of the party. Please let them know if you are going to be late.

15. As the party booker, what do I need to do?

1. Pay the initial deposit to secure the booking. If you are expecting more guests than the initial payment covers, and/or you have taken advantage of the hobtastic party extras, a second payment will be required 7 days before your party date via your account.
2. Confirm “Party Time” and “Unaccompanied Access” time to all your guests
3. Pre-register an account at www.hobbledown.app. This gets you ready to book the extra activities on the day such as High Ropes, Jumpin’ Pillows, Indoor Play Barn etc. You will also be able to order additional food and beverages via this channel on the day.
4. Update your RSVPs onto the guest list including any dietary requirements 7 days before your party date so that the Hobnosh team can prepare your feast! You can do this by logging into your account.

16. As the responsible adult for a party invitee, what do I need to do?

1. Send RSVP as soon as you can to your party booker, including information of any dietary requirements 
2. Review all Need to Know information before the day
3. Head for “Parties and Groups” on the day of the party for arrival and collection
4. To join in the fun and make the most of 50% admissions discount, enquire at the entry kiosk on the day