Plan your Visit

Our guide will help you find all the information you and your young Hobblers need to plan your visit to Hobbledown. We want you to have the most mysterical experience here with us, so whether it’s your first visit or even your hundredth (we really hope so!), then a quick read through will make sure you really get the most out of your time at Hobbledown.

Opening Times, Membership & Day Ticket Prices

Hobbledown is home to some very special animals and, of course, the mysterical Hobblers. Huck and his friends cannot wait for you to come and join their magical world but only at certain times because they really do need to rest after busy days caring for the animals.

Find Us

Your Hobbledown adventure starts from the very second you leave your home so why not use our map to find the best route leading to our very mysterical door where a wonderful world awaits you! (Don’t forget to sing the ‘stomping song’ all the way here!)

Food & Drink

The Hobblers have been hard at work creating an exciting new Hobblenosh menu and a selection of mouth-watering drinks for their guests at Hobbledown. With a balance of healthy and some rather naughty Hobbler options, all our food is reasonably priced offering something delicious for every member of the family.


The latest Hobbledown leaflets.


These FAQs should cover most of what you need to know so please have a read. If we've missed anything, we'd really like to know.