Designed to keep you safe and having fun

Please observe the following rules to ensure that everyone has a safe and happy time.

Family-friendly visitor attraction

Adults must remain on the premises at all times with the child/children under their care. Neither adult only parties, nor child only parties are permitted at Hobbledown.

Animal health and safety

Do respect the animals and avoid scaring them. Do not feed the animals, this is the Hobbler’s job.

Do wash your hands after leaving an animal area. Please do not throw anything at the animals or into their enclosure.

Please keep Hobbledown tidy and use the bins provided. Stay on the paths in our walkthrough(s) and never enter an enclosure.

Ouch! Help!

Please inform us if a member of your party has any sort of accident – one of our trained first aiders should take a look and make a report. We take all accidents seriously.

Dressed to play

We want everyone to have a great time so be dressed and ready to play indoors and out, in all weathers; we recommend long sleeves, trousers and trainers for climbing, and clothes you don’t mind getting a little scruffy and wet when playing outside.

You’ll need socks for the soft play, zorbs and bouncing pillows as well as secure footwear for the high ropes.

High-heels are not ideal and be mindful of watches or jewellery.

Take care if you wear glasses.

Helping the little ones

All under-fives must be accompanied by an adult on all the play frames. Parents don’t worry we have designed it so it’s ‘One size fits all’. Children over four are not permitted in the toddler area.

Feeling peckish?

Our food and drink is very tasty and reasonably priced. You are not permitted to bring your own food or drink into the Hobblings play barn, however, we do have outdoor picnic areas.

Diamonds are forever

We suggest you keep all valuables at home. We cannot accept liability for loss or theft, nor can we be held responsible for loss or damage to cars in the car park.

Polite little angels

Excitable children can sometimes forget their P’s and Q’s; at Hobbledown we want everyone to respect each other’s diversity and uniqueness.

Please be mindful of how you and your children interact with those around them.

Disrespectful and abusive behaviour towards others, either customers or team, will result in you being asked to leave.

Keep a watchful eye

Our team will always keep a watchful eye on children as they go about their normal tasks, however children will always remain the full responsibility of the parent/guardian at all times.


We realise that children at dissimilar ages play differently. For everyone’s safety please adhere to all age and height restrictions.

Fun but fair play

All our play equipment is designed for maximum fun and has been inspected in line with the requirements set out in BSEN1176:2008.

We therefore cannot be held responsible for accidents which occur as a result of playing on our equipment.

Children, how many can you cope with?

One is sometimes enough, we allow you as many as five. Our permissible limit of one adult to five children means that in our challenging, adventurous ‘Activity Park’ you can always maintain your duty of care to the children.

Play and a place to eat

Doing two things at once is not easy. We keep eating areas separated at Hobbledown, so food and drink stays off the play equipment… We want to avoid slips, trips and choking, so please don’t allow food or drink in the play frames.

No smoking

We have declared Hobbledown a smoke free attraction, this includes vaping. Please respect this decision.

By entering Hobbledown you are agreeing to abide by these rules of play.
Failing to adhere to these rules may lead to you being asked to leave.