Love Your Zoo Week

Join us for Love your Zoo week throughout May Half Term.

Love Your Zoo week is an annual event which raises awareness of the fantastic work zoos undertake in the UK.

Run by Biaza (British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums), it also aims to promote the important work zoos do with regards to conservation, education and research.

This year the campaign runs from Saturday 25 May to Sunday 2 June.

Throughout the week Hobbledown’s knowledgeable zookeepers will be on hand hosting meet and greets with a selection of our animals, educational talks and more.

Senior Keeper Dolores Nicholson will also be to hand to tell you about her new breed of sheep.

The former shepherdess has crossed a Somali ewe (a hair sheep that does not require shearing) with a Ryeland Ram (known for producing  prime lambs) and the result is  this very cute lamb. The new breed is  called a ‘Rymali’

Obviously prior to breeding Dolores had put in much thought and research as well as using previous knowledge from her Shepherding days and claims that this was definitely not just a spur of the moment ‘let’s see what happens kind of thing’ just for the purpose to create a cute lamb.  There were a lot of important factors to consider and it was important to have an objective.

Dolores’s aim was not only to produce a sheep that did not require shearing but also to produce a good decent hardy lamb. 

See if you can spot Mali the Rymali lamb in the field up past the cabin with the other ewes and lambs!