Hobbledown Heath is home to a variety of new characters, brought to life in their very own children's book, Hobbledown Heath... who's ready for a brand-new Hobbledown adventure?



Hobbledown Heath

E. B. Davies


Trouble arrives in Hobbledown Heath, as a mysterious merchant rolls in with a cart full of strange wares…

The hobblers of Cribble Creek and Wilderness Wood have never gotten along. The woodland hobblers think the creek hobblers are too noisy – always banging and clanging and hammering and inventing! – and the creek hobblers think it’s very strange how the woodland hobblers live in the trees and talk to birds.

But when a strange travelling merchant arrives in Hobbledown Heath, bringing with him a mysterious ancient gemstone, two young hobblers from the opposing villages will be sent on a wild chase to get it back...



The Hobbledown Heath storybook can be purchased in the gift shop.

Written and illustrated by E. B. Davies. Designed by The Logical Choice. Published by TJBooks

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 Meet the characters

Merchant (1)

The Merchant


A mysterious traveler, passing through Hobbledown Heath with his cart of wares and his trusty yak. Where does he comes from? Nobody knows...

Robin (2)



Our main character. He’s the village birdkeeper of Wilderness Wood, and friend to all birds. A little nervous, but brave at heart. His least-favourite hobbler is Stella.

Stella (1)



Our other main character. She’s an apprentice blacksmith from Cribble Creek, and loves hammering, tinkering, and inventing. Her least-favourite hobbler is Robin.




Robin’s baby owl. Extremely noisy, and extremely fluffy.

Butternut (1)



A clumsy young fairy, in charge of driving the rabbit sled. (He's not very good at it...)

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The merchant’s trusty pack-yak, who carries all his wares. She likes eating grass and taking breaks.


Wormwood the Wise


The village elder of Wilderness Wood. Very wise... and a little loopy.


Lyric and Ukeleah


A pair of sisters from the Quercus Oak - and the two most musical fairies you'll ever meet! Listen out for the distant sound of a ukulele strumming - that means they're nearby...


Fairy Willow


A nature-loving fairy, in charge of tending to the daffodils. She loves to giggle!

Rabbits Drinking

Hopper, Stompit and Bounce


The three Flemish Giant rabbits in charge of pulling Butternut's rabbit sled. 

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A naughty baby goat, or ‘kid’. Like all goats, he loves to cause mischief - even if he doesn't realise he's doing it...