Party Menu


All Hobbledown Heath parties come with a complimentary feast, fit to satisfy even the hungriest of Hobblers!


All party feasts include:


Margherita Pizza (VEGETARIAN) – A delicious classic tomato pizza topped with melted cheese. Gluten/soya free pizza bases are available upon request, as well as a dairy-free alternative to the cheese topping.

Tortilla Chips & Dips (VEGAN) – Crunchy toasted tortilla chips, ready for dipping into tasty pots of salsa.

Fruit and Vegetable Platter (VEGAN) – An assortment of fresh fruit and vegetable pieces.

Popcorn (VEGAN) – A party favourite - delicious crunchy popcorn!

Ice Lolly (VEGETARIAN) - A refreshing sweet treat...



Further dietary and allergen information is listed on the party host waiver, as well as available upon request. Please note that occasionally we may have to alter the party menu depending on availability of ingredients.