Our dedication to conservation


Hobbledown Heath commits fully to the preservation and conservation of species both locally, and internationally. A member of the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums (BIAZA) we embrace the values and obligation to not only educate our guests on current conservation issues, but to be active participants in these valuable programmes.



How Can You Help?


  • Visit Hobbledown Heath and learn more about our efforts to support local conservation programmes.
  • Sign up for our animal experiences and meet our expert animal team who are always happy to have a chat about conservation.
  • Donate to help support our conservation programmes during your visit or contact us direct on how you can donate to the cause.
  • Book a Zookeeper For A Day Experience - Did you know that a percentage of all Zookeeper For A Day Experiences go directly toward the Hobbler Conservation Fund? Your participation really helps generate funds toward worthwhile causes.
  • Come back and visit us and our website often and keep up to date on all that we are working on.
  • Your support makes a difference and ensures that we can continue our work supporting conservation and preserving wildlife.


Please note that some of our conservation partners are registered charities and if so, it is specifically stated. Although donations to listed projects and programmes are appreciated, The Escapade Group, Hobbledown and Hobbledown Heath are NOT a registered charity. Please contact us directly if you have questions about donating to our conservation work. 


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Current Conservation Projects...

Announcing Conservation Partner - The Featherwell Foundation Charity



The Featherwell Foundation 

Conservation Rehabilitation Education



The Featherwell Foundation is a Registered charity in England 1203254 

Welcome to the Featherwell Foundation. We are a charity that focuses on the conservation of wild birds of prey both within the UK and internationally. We also provide essential care and rehabilitation for captive and wild birds of prey when required.

We have three main aims:

By working with local charities and communities in areas where endangered species are in decline, we can help educate people on how essential birds of prey are to the surrounding ecosystem and help achieve our vision of a world where people and wildlife thrive together.

We do not believe that unlicensed owners should keep birds of prey as pets due to the nature and unpredictability of the animals and the sheer amount of time and expertise it takes to keep them to a high welfare standard. Our aim is to rehabilitate and rehome poorly treated, captive birds of prey to suitable owners where they will be flown free and given the best life possible.

Our small, dedicated team will focus on educating the general public on why keeping birds of prey is a full time occupation and why, where possible, no bird of prey should be confined to a cage for all of its life without knowing the joy of free flight.