09 September 2022


It’s the adventure park of every child’s dreams - but did you know that Hobbledown Heath is based on a fantasy book of the same name?

Written and illustrated by E. B. Davies, a 24-year old first-time author from Farnham, the book brings Hobbledown Heath to life, centring on the wacky rivalry between the two opposing villages of Wilderness Wood and Cribble Creek.

Read about Robin the birdkeeper and Stella the apprentice blacksmith as they adventure through enchanted woods and mining villages, ride on rabbit-drawn carriages and backpack-rafts, and meet mischievous baby goats, yaks who just want a nap, and some very grumpy fairies.

But it’s not just on the pages of the book that you’ll find the characters - we bring them to life here on site, so on your next visit you might bump into one of them!


The Plot

Trouble arrives in Hobbledown Heath, as a mysterious merchant rolls in with a cart full of strange wares…

The hobblers of Cribble Creek and Wilderness Wood have never gotten along. The woodland hobblers think the creek hobblers are too noisy – always banging and clanging and hammering and inventing! – and the creek hobblers think it’s odd that the woodland hobblers live in the trees and talk to birds.

But when a strange travelling merchant arrives in Hobbledown Heath, bringing with him a mysterious ancient gemstone, two young hobblers from the opposing villages will be sent on a wild chase to get it back.


The book is available to buy in the Hobbledown Heath gift shop.

Meet the Characters

You can encounter the book characters throughout Hobbledown Heath, on signs and play structures – or, if you get lucky, you might meet them in person! On select days, the characters wander the park, scattered throughout the park’s themed villages –Buckbridge Market, Cribble Creek, Wilderness Wood and the Mining Village.

The costumes were designed by Aardvark Productions, and will soon feature more characters beyond the original six – keep your eyes peeled for new additions...



Prof Merchant


A mysterious traveler, passing through Hobbledown Heath with his cart of wares and his trusty pack-yak, Chuni. Where does he comes from? Nobody knows...

Prof Robin


Our main character. He’s the village birdkeeper of Wilderness Wood, and friend to anything that flaps, squawks or cheeps. A little nervous, but brave at heart. His least-favourite hobbler is Stella.

Prof Stella


Our other main character. She’s an apprentice blacksmith from Cribble Creek, and loves hammering, tinkering, and inventing. Her least-favourite hobbler is Robin.

Prof Madamavery


The beautiful, motherly head fairy of the Quercus oak. Very sweet – except when you’re in trouble! She thinks it’s silly how the Wilderness Wood hobblers and the Cribble Creek hobblers are always bickering.

Prof Butternut


The clumsy young fairy in charge of driving the rabbit sled. (He's not very good at it...)




The oldest elder of Wilderness Wood. Very wise, but a little loopy. Try asking him what the trees are saying today – he claims he can hear their branches whispering to him…


About the Author: E. B. Davies


  • Age: 24
  • From Farnham
  • Hobbyist digital artist
  • Ran a polymer clay jewellery & miniatures shop during Covid 2020
  • Favourite children’s fantasy book: Un Lun Dun by China Miéville