Our Standard Membership lets you visit anytime, with only a few exclusions


Visit anytime, except bank holidays & half terms.

(Includes Weekends & Summer, Easter and Christmas School Holidays) 


All Hobbledown members get great benefits, too...

  • 15% discount on parties
  • 15% discount on animal experiences 
  • Discounts on special events throughout the year




Renewal benefit - renew as an existing member, and get your membership at our discounted renewal rate! Children only £75 each, and adults £60 each.*

*does not apply to Direct Debit memberships, only to memberships paid in full. Please contact us directly to redeem this offer.

 What you need to know...


  • Memberships are for a 12 month period
  • Each person visiting the park will need their own membership
  • All members are required to add a photo to their membership account
  • Under 2s are free, but you will still need to register a membership in their name with their date of birth.


Disabled guests

Disabled visitors are required to purchase their own adult or child membership, but those applicable are eligible to bring a free carer over the age of 18 years. Evidence of DLA/PIP payments or a valid Blue Badge dated within the last 12 months must be provided at the entrance to our team to qualify for the free carer entry.