Party FAQ

Wear your best playwear; we recommend long sleeve tops, trousers, and trainers/full shoes along with sun cream, wellies and raincoats in line with Mother nature’s preference of the day.

When you arrive at Hobbledown please go to the “Parties and Groups” waiting area. A Party Hobbler will meet you there.

Your party lasts for 2 hours. You and your guests can stay and enjoy the outdoor play areas and animals after your party. Entry to the play barn is not included. 

Your party will be 2 hours of fun made up of:

• Your chosen themed Party Activity
• Birthday party feast and birthday cake time
• A party host to help with the feast
For reach fully paid guest, one adult can attend on the day for free. The birthday child can have 2 free adults attending.
Yes, you will need to include the party child in your booking numbers.

You are welcome to bring extra siblings or adults, but they will require their own admission ticket which must be purchased in advance of the Party date. They will not be included in the party activity or feast but you will be able to enjoy Hobbledown whilst staying close to siblings at the same time.

If the host would like to book any party extras, these can be added at the time of booking or any time up to 7 days prior to the party date.

Each guest and the host will receive a link to enable attendees to declare any dietary requirement before the party day. Please complete this no later than 7 days prior to the party so that our Hobnosh team can prepare your feast.

Yes – picnics are encouraged for outdoor consumption; play barn areas and indoor party rooms are dedicated to Hobnosh food only.

Yes! Please bring your own candles. Sparklers are not allowed indoors as they set off our fire alarm system!

1 adult is needed for every 5 children or less.

We cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to persons, vehicles or belongings whilst on site. Please remain vigilant with your personal belongings.

All visitors to Hobbledown are subject to our rules of play, which can be found here. Please read them prior to attending. For emphasis, the party booker is responsible for the supervision of all the children within your group at all times whilst at Hobbledown. 

Unless otherwise informed the parents of the birthday child will bring your children to the “Parties and Groups” waiting area at the end of the party. Please let them know if you are going to be late.
  1. Pay the initial deposit to secure the booking. If you are expecting more guests than the initial payment covers, and/or you have taken advantage of the hobtastic party extras, a second payment will be required 7 days before your party date via your account.
  2. Confirm the Party Time to all your guests.
  3. Update your RSVPs onto the guest list including any dietary requirements 7 days before your party date so that the Hobnosh team can prepare your feast! You can do this by logging into your account.
  1. Send RSVP as soon as you can to your party booker, including information of any dietary requirements.
  2. Review all Need to Know information before the day.
  3. Head for “Parties and Groups” on the day of the party for arrival and collection.
Luckily, our outdoor parties are designed so that they can operate as planned in any weather! Simply wear the best outfit to suit the skies on the day and prepare to have lots of fun. However, for health and safety reasons, alternatives are offered during stormy and snowy weather.

Helping customers celebrate their special occasion safely is something we are passionate about at Hobbledown. This means protecting people who may have allergies or intolerances.

The introduction of Natasha’s Law (The UK Food Information Amendment) came into force on 01/10/21. This means any birthday cakes, cupcakes or party celebration cakes brought into our venues by the party organiser must be either shop bought or baked by a reputable baker/cake maker. By law these suppliers will have to supply the allergens information.

Unfortunately homemade cakes will no longer be allowed to be brought into birthday parties.

It is your responsibility as organiser of the party to ascertain any allergies that your guests may have and take appropriate action.

Information required on your cake are below:

  • Name of supplier (if not shop bought)
  • Full ingredients list, with allergenic ingredients emphasised (for example in bold, italics or a different colour).

We do not offer free party bags - very often these are immediately thrown away or abandoned, creating a terrible amount of paper and plastic waste!

However, if you'd like something to commemorate the day, you may purchase an add-on of one of our lovely Hobbledown-themed party gift sets, which consists of a reusable canvas bag and water bottle.