In partnership with Willows, Hobbledown is home to a magnificent range of birds of prey. Visit and enjoy public flying demonstrations, meet and greets, or even book your own face-to-face experience!

All of our birds rest in their aviaries throughout the day, so you will always be able to walk around the Willow's Falconry center, view the birds, and read fantastic facts about each species on display.

Throughout the summer our flying displays run daily at 11am and 2pm on Peak Days (weekends and school holidays) 

Members, please note: the 15% Membership discount on animal experiences does not apply to Willows Birds of Prey experiences.


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Meet the birds...


Barn Owl - Tyto Alba


Barn owls are amazing hunters with wings designed for quiet flights! Their special feathers make them almost silent when they swoop down on prey. Plus, check out their heart-shaped faces! Those shapes help them hear better and find their next meal. But sadly, these cool owls are losing their homes and sometimes get sick from eating poisoned rodents. 

Echo Snow

Indian Eagle Owl - Bubo Bengalensis


Meet the Indian Eagle Owl, a giant among owls! With wings stretching over 4 feet and eyes like fiery oranges, they're truly magnificent. Sporting a stylish mottled brown coat and fancy ear tufts, they're a sight to behold! But wait, there's more! Their booming hoots echo through the night, marking their territory and wooing mates. How cool is that?


Turkmenian Eagle Owl - Bubo Bubo Turcomanus


The Turkmenian Eagle Owl, rocking vibrant yellow eyes and a cool round face! With its awesome mottled brown feathers, it's practically invisible in the desert rocks. But here's the real kicker: in Turkmenistan and other places nearby, people think these owls are super special. They're like magical creatures from stories passed down through generations!


Common Buzzard - Buteo Buteo


Say hello to the Common Buzzard, the sky's superstar in Europe! But here's the twist: these magnificent birds don't stop there – they're also spreading their wings across parts of Asia, from the Middle East to chilly Siberia.


Steppe Eagle - Aquila Nipalensis


Meet the mighty Steppe eagle, a powerhouse soaring across Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and China! With a taste for small mammals and a knack for scavenging, they're the true rulers of the skies. But here's the heart-wrenching truth: these majestic eagles are in danger. Pesticides, power lines, and habitat loss threaten their existence. 


Eurasian Eagle-Owl - Bubo bubo


One of the largest species of owl in the world, the Eurasian eagle owl can be found in the wild across the UK and Eurasia. They can live for up to 60 years in captivity! Eurasian eagle owls like to live in dense forests where their beautiful camouflage makes them all but disappear into the trees.

Tyson 1

Ferruginous Hawk - Buteo regalis


The Ferruginous Hawk, North America's king of hawks, boasts a massive wingspan up to 4.5 feet! With a body length of 22-27 inches, they're true aerial giants. But here's the cool part: in Indigenous cultures, they're known as "Spirit Hawks," representing strength, vision, and protection. How awesome is that?

Korra 2

Gyr x Lanner Falcon


Gyr-Lanner Falcons, born from a mix of Gyr and Lanner Falcons, bring together the best of both worlds: Gyr's strength and Lanner's speed. These super hybrids are top-notch hunters, zooming through the skies to nab birds, mammals, and even insects!


Peregrine Falcon - Falco Peregrinus


As the fastest living creature ever to have lived on planet Earth, the Peregrine falcon is definitely a record breaker! Peregrine falcons can reach over 200mph in a ‘stoop’ which is another word for their breathtaking dives.