15 August 2022

The animals came in two by two - hoorah!


It wouldn’t be a zoo without animals - and we’ve now moved in all nearly all of our new residents!

Our gorgeous herd of yak arrived last week and are settling in well to their new home. They are already making friends with their neighbours, the Highlands of Hobbledown, who were our very first animals to arrive on site earlier this year and are now very much at home with their babies growing up fast.

Some other new arrivals include our Ring-tailed and Black-and-White Ruffed Lemurs and the Mara, who are a larger relative of the guinea pig and are one of the world's largest rodents!


Some of Hobbledown Heath's other exciting inhabitants include:


  • Meerkats
  • Giant Tortoises
  • Macaw Parrots
  • Capybaras
  • Giant Rabbits
  • Goats
  • Ponies and Miniature Horses
  • Reindeer


Coda Falconry and their birds are settled in well to the Birds of Prey centre. We are delighted to be working with this award winning falconry centre, which is home to a beautiful array of raptors. You'll be able to view hawks, buzzards, owls, falcons, and even our social media star, Loki the Raven


Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages @hobbledownheath for updates on our animals......