Pick your party extras!


Hobbledown offers a range of birthday cakes, sparklers, and other extra goodies to make your celebration special - just select the party extras you want as add-ons when booking your party!


Hobble Gobble Chocolate Cake



Delicious chocolate birthday cake topped with hundreds & thousands.

Serves ~16. Must be pre-ordered.

Angelsparkle (1) (1)

Angel Sparkle Deluxe Cake



Delicious pink and yellow three-layered Victorian sponge cake, with yummy cream and jam.

Serves ~14. Must be pre-ordered no less than 1 week before your party date.

Untitled Design (9) (1)

Balloon modelling

£1 each


Balloon models, premade by your Hobbledown party host.

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Party Gifts

£3 each


A reusable canvas bag and bottle set to commemorate the day for your party guests. Use it to carry your most mysterical trinkets... or your P.E. kit!

Bags are made from 100% cotton and recycled materials. Bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic and are BPA free.

WEB Hobbledown Hounslow Cfrawley 033

Adult Pizza Platter



2 medium-sized margherita pizzas, for the hungry party adults to share.

~8 slices per pizza. Platter includes 2 pizzas.