Pick your party extras!


Hobbledown offers a range of birthday cakes, sparklers, and other extra goodies to make your celebration special - just select the party extras you want as add-ons when booking your party!


Hobble Gobble Chocolate Cake



Delicious chocolate birthday cake topped with hundreds & thousands.

Serves ~16. Must be pre-ordered.

Angelsparkle (1)

Angel Sparkle Deluxe Cake



Delicious pink and yellow three-layered Victorian sponge cake, with yummy cream and jam.

Serves ~14. Must be pre-ordered no less than 1 week before your party date.





Sparkler candles - to add a little extra fun!

Untitled Design (9) (1)

Balloon modelling

£1 each


Balloon models, premade by your Hobbledown party host.

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Party Gifts

£3 each

Gift your party guests this lovely reusable bag and bottle set.

The bags are made from 100% cotton and recycled materials and the bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic and are BPA free.


Adult Pizza Platter



2 medium-sized margherita pizzas, for the hungry party adults to share.

~8 slices per pizza. Platter includes 2 pizzas.