16 August 2016


Two new additions have been causing quite a stir here at Hobbledown.

New character ‘Old Man Tom’ has been delighting guests with the box of tricks that he carries around on his back. And Professor Topporpot’s quirky new  invention, a bubble bike, has also been entertaining both young and old as he hysterically wheels it around Hobbledown attempting to purify the air!

Old Tom works at the Merrymakers’ Shop. He can be a bit grumpy, is always tired and doesn’t talk much, but wait until you meet his friends!

Sniff the Rat lives in the box on his back. He comes out to talk to all the boys and girls, enjoys singing, visiting the fairies and telling jokes. He is very scared of Rumpletump, Hobbledown’s dragon, and is always listening out for his scary roar.

Sid the Spider also lives in the box and is often caught causing mischief and playing tricks on the Hobblers. Along with his best friend Sniff, their favourite trick is getting someone to put their hand into the ‘Secret Door of Chance’ in the Merrymakers’ box to get a handful of wiggly worms or a receive a fairy kiss.

Old Tom keeps one of Rumpletump’s eggs safe in a basket and if you’re lucky he might let you have a look. You might even get a glimpse of Rumpletump himself, or Fern the fairy who is having a tea party in the box!

Old Man Tom can be spotted around Hobbledown during peak times which are weekends and school holidays.

To see Professor Topporpot’s bubble bike in action click here