13 June 2018


Fantasy, imagination and a little bit of pixie dust come together on Sunday June 24th in honour of International Fairy Day.

These tiny supernatural creatures have captivated myth and legend for generations, and their presence is particularly fitting at our adventure park and zoo where they are key to the Hobbledown story (what would Hobbledown be without Fern the Fairy!)

Our resident grig fairy Fern lives in our Quercus Oak tree. Much loved by all the Hobblers, her small wooden tree house is often visited by Huck in search of freshly baked cakes and treats!

On Sunday 24th June we will mark International Fairy Day by inviting you to come along (dressed up of course!) and meet real life Fern.


11am Meet and greet Fern the Fairy

11am – 3pm Wand making

3pm Make spells and wishes with Fern / Best dressed fairy competition


Normal Hobbledown admission rates apply.