27 September 2012

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Pupils at Epsom Primary School were in for a treat when the author of Hobbledown the Book paid them a visit.

Angela Kecojevic, whose story is the basis for the adventure park and farm, visited the youngsters on September 21 to talk about her popular novel.

Hobbledown is a classic tale of adventure, magic and mayhem and Angela’s trip to Epsom Primary was the first in her series of Riddles, Rhymes and Mysterical Times creative writing workshops.

During the session Angela told the children about her life as a writer, how her book was created and how it links to the magical land of Hobbledown.

The mum-of-three then got the pupils using their imaginations to create their own stories.

She said: “Lots of the children had already heard of Hobbledown and quite a few had read the book, which was fantastic.

“They particularly liked seeing the glime, which is a type of goo in the book, and they were quite intrigued by the rogue Skibbler characters and had lots of questions such as where you can find them.”

Angela has been described as an ‘exciting new writer’ by Dan Good, the creator of BBC’s Waybuloo who said his family all thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful and wacky world of Hobbledown that she has created.

Epsom Primary School secretary Emma Scott said: “The children really enjoyed the workshops and there was a big queue at the end for the book signing.”