07 January 2020

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New for 2020 will be our brand new lemur and lorikeet walkthroughs.

The immersive lorikeet walkthough will be home to around 20 rainbow lorikeets which will fly free just inches above your heads!

You will also get the chance to feed these colourful and exotic birds their daily nectar.

The lemur walkthrough will house a number of ring tailed lemurs, native to Madagascar.

Ring tailed lemurs are an endangered species, believed to be as low as 2000 in the wild. They are nosey, playful animals that are fun to watch when they are foraging for their food, playing with each other, jumping from post to post and sunbathing.

These playful primates are well known for standing in a yoga type position, warming up their bellies in the sun!

The pathway will take you around the entire enclosure and allow you to see them up close.

It is hoped that both the lorikeet and lemur walkthroughs will be ready to visit in early spring.