20 January 2015

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Hello and welcome to my blog,

Let’s do my favourite thing in the whole world … create!

As it’s Valentine’s Day soon, let’s decorate Hobbledown based on the theme of l.u.r.r.v.e!

The trees this time of year are very jealous of the attention that the Christmas trees have had (all that tinsel, baubles etc) and now it’s their turn to shine!

Think hearts, ribbon, pink, fluffy, furry things but also to cater for our more macho types … cupids arrows, greens, blues and reds.

Little people can be encouraged to think about who or what they love and why, then pin special messages around Hobbledown (or at home).

Shapes can be cut out from old cardboard boxes and hung using wool or string. Produce lots by making templates to draw around. If you aren’t so good at drawing hearts just fold paper, draw half a heart on the fold edge, cut and open out and you have a symmetrical shape. Decorate with crayons, paints, scraps of paper, pencils, beads, ribbon, stickers (they just love stickers!) or anything left over from parties etc.

Have fun because that’s when learning really takes off!

See you soon,

Hobbler Angela X