02 January 2015


A new Mini Adventure Park has been built for our 11 resident Meerkats.

The Meerkat enclosure has been upgraded for their enrichment and now includes a swing, tunnel and bridges.

The majority of it was built using wood from Hobbledown’s famed Oak Tree that was struck by lightning last year. The several hundred year old tree [home to Hobbledown’s very own Fern the Fairy] survived, all except for a giant branch.

Hobbledown’s master craftsman was able to salvage the 7m long, 3 tonne trunk and turn it into unique animal housing, meaning it can be preserved for years to come and create a lasting legacy for the Oak tree.

This included the Meerkat Adventure Park , new turkey house and home for the pigs.

Come and watch our Meerkat talks / feeding at 11.15am and 3.30pm daily.