22 May 2019

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You’d better goat moving! Our Pygmy Goat Walkthough is open and we have some very excitable animals ready to meet you!

Our new walkthrough takes you on a windy path, past grassy hillocks and over a delightful wooden bridge where you will be within touching distance of our furry friends.

As luck may hoove it, you will even be able to feed the goats! Traditionally Hobbledown has not been able to offer the option of animal feeding to our guests due to the strict diet our animals are fed as part of our Zoo Licence.

However, at the entrance to the goat walkthrough we have a pellet dispenser which contains the goats’ correct daily amount of food. That does mean the pellets are restricted and on a first come first served basis, we don’t want them fattening up too much! 1 portion costs just £1.