12 November 2014

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It’s always a pleasure to receive a home-made Christmas card, so this year why not try something new that tickles the senses too?

Suggested materials

• Paper
• Pencils, crayons
• Cinnamon sticks
• Gloves
• Star Anise
• Cardamom pods

Using the ingrediants listed above, set out the seed pods and spices on your table, or let your child place them out.

Draw, scribble or doodle on the paper, or cut out pictures from old magazine. Be inspired by the smell of cardamom, cinnamon and cloves.

The spices can be individually glued to the paper.

This an open-ended art activity that encourages children to be creative while immersing themselves in the inviting warm smells of Christmas.

Tips: Dried orange and lemon slices are great to use.

Walnuts, Brazil nuts, pistachio and hazelnuts can also inspire some creative thinking and result in some stunning artwork for the mantelpiece!