07 July 2022

Grab your bucket hat and flower crown and join us for a summer of colour here at Hobbledown!
Join the Hobblers as they come out to play for our summer festival themed school holiday line-up.
Starting on 23rd July, the daily line-up will include:

10:20 Giant Tortoise Talk – Tortoise Enclosure
10:30 Hobbledown Games – On the Courtyard Lawn
11:30 Hobbledown Storytime – The Thinkery
11:30 Birds of Prey Flying Demonstration – Flying Arena located behind Zorbs Arena (Exc Wednesday – Also weather permitting)
12:00 Creepy Crawlies Animal Petting – The Thinkery
12:15 Water Games with the Hobblers – The Willow Maze
14:00 Sludgebucket’s Jelly Eating Challenge with the Hobblers – Courtyard Lawn
14:30 Hobbledown Story Time – The Thinkery
15:00 Birds of Prey Flying Demonstration
15:00 Furry Friends Animal Petting
15:15 Hobbledown Games – On the Courtyard Lawn
15:30 Meerkat Talk
16:00 The Hobbledown Flag Procession (From The Imaginarium to the Willow Maze)
16:15 Paint Throwing Extravaganza Thursday & Friday only, in Field of Confusion
16:15 Bubble Show – Saturday - Wednesday

...that's not to mention all of our awesome play villages and animals!

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Watch the video below to see what the Hobblers have in store...