01 January 2018


We Hobblers are a busy bunch and don’t find the time to get out much (why would we ever want to leave Hobbledown anyway!)

So the nice grown-ups in charge decided it was time to spice up the menu for us, and boy are you in for a treat.

They have brought us back some of the best street food from around the globe and trust us there’s something for the whole family to enjoy, even the fussiest of eaters!

We say from around the globe but you only have to venture down to the local London food markets to find these authentic dishes.

The likes of Borough Market and Portobello Road helped inspire the new menu and only the most popular of dishes have made the cut (the Za’atar Chicken had a 30 minute queue time at Soho Market it was so good). Luckily for us we can save all that leg work and just try them here!

Most importantly YOU have been crucial in adding your input. A questionnaire of more than 500 customers showed you wanted a broader, more flexible menu which provides a balanced diet, but at the same time offering up some indulgent treats.

The new Hobnosh menu is all about providing fresh, tasty fast food with minimal salt content – the emphasis being on bringing out the flavouring naturally as opposed to pleasing our salt craving taste buds. Everything is wholesome, delicious and nutritious.

You will find dishes from across Asia, Africa, Europe, North and South America.

Meals include wholesome wraps like our Heavenly Halloumi, superfood salads, and hot dishes including Sticky Chicken, Moroccan Meatballs, Apple and Cider Scrumptious Sausage Hotpot, and Tangy Italian Chicken Meatballs.

We have also kept a few of the old favourites too.

The children’s menu has been completely revamped and includes the likes of Mini Sausage Hotpot and Creamy Mash, Chicken Huggets (with hidden veg), Broccoli Pesto Pot, and Mac ‘n Cheese with peas.

Hobbledown joint owner Richard Farley, who masterminded the new menu, said: “Picky or fussy eating can prevent children from gaining enough nutrition or their 5 A Day.  Encouraging kids at an early age to have a broader appetite will not only provide necessary nutrition but also boost their immunity.

“At Hobbledown we want to encourage kids to explore the dishes featured on our menu just like they do our play equipment. It’s an adventure in itself.”

In the coming weeks we will be launching our new Loyalty Card which not only encourages you to try dishes from different countries around the world, but gives you the chance to win a fantastic weekend in Venice for you and your family!

So go on what are you waiting for, be a Gastronomic Globetrotter!