Let's Party!

We offer a range of different party themes at Hobbledown catering to the most discening guests. These are only available after June 21st.

Choose from high adrenaline, high energy or our traditional favourites, like the Classic Party. Some themes do have age/ height restrictions though. Please read through the details carefully.

For any questions don't hesitate to get in touch at epsominfo@hobbledown.com


What makes a Hobbledown Party so great?

  • Invitations - all our parties include printed invitations for you to send to your guests or a digital version if you prefer
  • Playtime - 4 hours of fun including 2 hours of party time - loads of time to experience everything Hobbledown has to offer
  • Birthday Present - the birthday child will receive a gift from the Hobbledown team
  • Party Host - a friendly party host to help your party feast go smoothly
  • Hobbler Feast - a birthday feast to satisfy the hungriest party goer.