20 July 2012

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As you may already know, the mysterical world of Hobbledown is based on a book.

Written by A J Kecojevic and beautifully illustrated by Lyn Stone, it is a classic tale of adventure, magic and mayhem.

And on Thursday July 26th 2012, between 4pm and 5pm, we are extremely excited to announce that the author and illustrator will be signing copies of the book and chatting to our customers in the Hobbledown shop.

Certainly a chance not to be missed!

“Mysterical magic, muddlesome rhymes and dollops of glime bring together the first adventure from the Hobblers of Hobbledown. 

This classic tale, written by A J Kecojevic, unravels a world where anything is possible. From singing kookaburra’s to a stomping creature in the Copse, Hobbledown will delight children and adults time and time again.”